Weekly Update

Dear Alumni and Friends of the Yeshiva,

This is a special request to help us improve the protected areas in the Yeshiva. 

This current complicated situation has emphasized to us that sometimes we must function under the threat of rockets from Gaza. 

Baruch Hashem we are all safe and well, the Yeshiva is functioning, and we are protected. 

However, the Yeshiva has grown these past years as have the security threats in our area. 

We would therefore like to improve and expand the shelters and protected areas on campus. 

We are preparing to, as soon as possible:

Renovate the shelter of the kollel students with general improvements and air conditioning: $25,000/80,000

Complete construction of the shelter in the Sheraton dormitory: $37,000/120,000

Construct 3 portable shelters for families of 3 avrechim who do not have a current shelter: $62,000/200,000

Build protected rooms in the 10 homes of the Yeshiva rabbis (the residents will contribute toward the cost): $230,000/750,000

In total: $354,000/1,150,000

We appreciate each and every contribution no matter the size. 


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