KBY History

Students in Kerem BYavneh’s Overseas program find enrichment outside the regular curriculum from a rich scholastic and spiritual reservoir called the Burt Rosenberg Memorial Library. Atop a winding staircase perched above the yeshiva’s bet midrash, the Rosenberg Memorial Library is an often used and highly appreciated resource, featuring hundreds of English language volumes that run the gamut of religious Jewish literature. This annually updated lending library boasts titles from a broad spectrum of disciplines, including, for example, Jewish thought and belief; Hasidut; Zionism; extensive study aids for gemara methodology; and a number of volumes of the current popular journals Tradition and the Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society (the “RJJ Journal”). Through the library, the talmidim avail themselves of many wonderful gems of creativity and inspiration, from authors as diverse as R. Dr. Abraham Twerski and R. Lord Jonathan Sacks, and many in between. And this treasured collection is really just half the Rosenberg Library; the other half, equally well-worn, is an extensive collection of English translations of Tanach, commentaries, Talmud, halachik works, and more that sits inside the bet midrash. This part of the collection includes, to name but a few titles, R. Aryeh Kaplan’s The Living Torah; the Me’am Loez anthology, and the Schottenstein Talmud from Artscroll.