Program Overview

Welcome to our KBY family!

We ask that prospective students and parents read the material below and the information in the relevant links.

Kerem B'Yavneh participates in MASA, a program co-sponsored by the Jewish Agency and the Israeli Government, whose funding enables Jewish youth to study in Israel. MASA allocates grants to all those who are accepted to participating programs in Israel and who apply to MASA, regardless of income. They also allocate partial scholarships to students in need of financial assistance and who meet their criteria. We encourage all KBY applicants to fill out the simple MASA form for the automaticֲֲֲֲ grantֲֲֲֲ and expectֲֲֲֲ all those who seek reduced tuition fees from KBY to also apply for the MASAֲֲֲֲ needs-based scholarship. Please apply online for MASA and follow their instructions for your country. The MASA link is below.ֲֲֲֲ  Please note: The program name is Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh.

Below you will also find links to the Scholarship Guidelines, along with the Parent Guide, Student Guideֲֲֲֲ and Registration form.ֲֲֲֲ The Registration Form shouldֲֲֲֲ be completed, signed and returned to KBY once tuition arrangements are concluded.

Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation. As always, you may contact the New York office at 718 645 3130 or the Israel office at 08 856 2007.