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Avraham Feldman

Avraham Feldman

Born on the 15th of Tammuz, 5710 in Rechovot
Fell in the Yom Kippur War on the 17th of Tishrei, 5734

When Avraham was sent to spend the High Holy Days in a big outpost in the Canal, all the soldiers there took a liking to him. On Rosh Hashanah, he decided that each soldier must hear the blowing of the Shofar, even if he was in action, and Avrahm began to run between all of the posts. The soldiers of one of the patrols that wound up in the post were surprised to see a soldier running towards them with a Shofar in his hands. On the day before Rosh Hashanah, he received a Halachic decision that allowed fortification work on the holiday, and Avraham began to work with such energy that amazed the soldiers. After the holiday, he decided to stay at the post throughout the Ten Days of Repentance until after Yom Kippur, and by request of the soldiers he returned for Simchat Torah.

During the war, Avraham arrived at a workshop for fixing tanks and started looking for a team and a tank. After much effort he found a tank and a team and left for battle. On the holy Shabbat of Chol HaMoed Succot, he arrived at Chan Arnava. There, an officer in the paratroopers asked his tank to rescue a wounded soldier who was left in the field. Avraham's tank went towards the area, when suddenly an amazing explosion was heard. The turret filled with thick white smoke, and Avraham ascended to heaven in a blade of fire.

May His Memory Be Blessed