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Shalom Daniel Frei

Shalom Daniel Frei

Born in London on the 27th of Elul, 5727
Killed on the 10th of Elul, 5755 by a terrorist, in his home in Ma'akleh Michmas

Shalom Daniel, h'yd, the son of Avraham and Ruth Frei, went to high school at the Hasmonean School in London. He participated in an accelerated Torah learning program, and was a counselor in the Sinai youth group for three years. He also organized a youth minyan in the Golders Green section of London.

He studied at Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh during the years 5744 and 5745. In addition to his devotion to his studies he was a teacher-counselor for a group of English students who spent half a year in Givat Washington.

Upon his return to England, he was accepted as one of eighteen select students to study computers at Imperial College. In 5750, he married Mara Harris from Chicago who was then a student at Hebrew University. After a year, their eldest daughter, Rachel, was born and they set up their home in Ma'aleh Michmas.

Danny and Mara were very active for the cause of the Land of Israel in the framework of "Yavneh Olami."

Danny had a deep love for Eretz Yisrael, and his eternal smile never left his face. He stood out in his work for the community, his leadership skills and his treatment of other people. He was always among the leaders of any charitable or chesed activity.

On the 10th of Elul, 5755, a terrorist broke into his house in Ma'aleh Michmas, killing Danny, and injuring his wife, Mara.

May His Memory Be Blessed