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Dov Indig

Dov Indig

Born on the 3rd of Sivan, 5711, in Romania. Studied at Yeshivat "Netiv Meir"
Fell in the Yom Kippur War on the 11th of Tishrei, 5734

An excerpt from a letter which a former teacher of Dov's sent to his parents after his death: "Shortly after I met Dov, when I was his teacher at the Chabad school in Ir Ganim, I was able to recognize the qualities of this excellent boy and excellent student. He stood out above the rest of his friends in the class in all areas, both in his mastership of the material that was being taught and in his ability to delve deep into and to dissect the material. There was never a problem that he wasn't able to solve, and sometimes he would solve them coincidentally, in a manner that amazed his teachers. When I started to teach a new book of the Prophets, the next day he already knew it from beginning to end. Already then, the trait of "talmid chacham" was recognizable in him. He was so sharp and knowledgeable, that I had to suggest that he be skipped a class, and even there he excelled, despite being the youngest student there - because that was his nature, he yearned for Torah… and Torah with Derech Eretz, and therefore he possessed many good traits. Modest in his ways, always had a good attitude, possessed a good heart and always treated his teachers and friends with respect at all times."

May His Memory Be Blessed