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Zev Roitman

Zev Roitman

Born on the 10th of Tevet, 5720 in Jerusalem
Fell, on the 20th of Sivan, 5742, in a Syrian ambush in the eastern section of Lebanon

A graduate of Yeshivat B'nei Akiva in Netanya, Zev possessed a very mature, deep and serious mind, and was also a man of action and a leader. Diligent, humble and modest, he combined Halacha with good deeds; the learning of Torah with the perfection of Midot.

It's hard to describe a wedding of one of his friends without Zev, who was always the center of festivities. He was the center of the rejoicing, and had a tradition that he was always the first to carry the groom on his shoulders.

He spent the last hours of his life singing with his friends, and with words of encouragement which he offered before going out to battle. A tank commander in the "Peace for the Galilee" War, he fell together with his friend Chovev Landoi h'yd, in a Syrian ambush in the eastern section of Lebanon.

Zev merited to sanctify Hashem's name in his life and in his death.

May His Memory Be Blessed