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Aharon Yitzchak Rose

Aharon Yitzchak Rose

Born on the 8th of Tishrei, 5724, in London.
Fell in a training accident on the 18th of Cheshvan, 5743.

Aharon Yitzchak came to the Yeshiva from Yeshivat Marom Tzion. He was good-looking, always ready with a compliment, and a bit introverted. At first, he was barely noticed, but slowly everybody started to recognize his good qualities. The traits of being good-hearted, kind, and helping others were a very conspicuous part of Aharon Yitzchak's personality. As opposed to those whose good deeds seem to scream out for attention, Aharon Yitzchak did everything in private, quietly and modestly. It was as if he was on the margins of the community, but from there he reached out and helped anyone who was in need. The Agada says that Aharon HaKohen loved peace and pursued it, and tells of his acts of kindness, and in the books of the Sages the trait of Chesed [kindness] is attributed to Aharon.

So, too, Aharon's name befits him, and his good deeds speak for themselves. But also his middle name, Yitchak, befits him. Like Yitzchak our forefather, Aharon Yitzchak sacrificed himself. He decided to serve and to help the nation, not just with the book, the learning of Torah, but also with the sword. He volunteered in the IDF and served in the select Golani brigade.

May His Memory Be Blessed